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Game Development


Unity 3D

Unity is the #1 engine of choice for mobile games and interactive content. With Unity you can extend reach and offer your application on popular mobile platforms, as Unity works seamlessly on iOS , Android and Windows Phone.

Not  only for  mobile, Unity is a game creation system used to develop video games for web sites, desktop platforms, and mobile devices

Unity is not only about games. It’s a versatile tool that we use to build 3D/2D interfaces, virtual worlds, educational software or create true-to-life visualizations. We combine unity scenes with HTML5 interfaces or sequences for  any kind of combination


We embraced HTML5 and Phaser Framework for embedded games that can run on desktop or mobile browsers.

Since there is no download or install, the sharing of mobile web games is straightforward. Simply share the URL on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. and the game can be shared and played on social networks without having to specifically build for that platform.

The smartphone browsers are becoming more and more powerful and are thereby able to support better and better HTML5 games. Many brands are turning to HTML5 for their branded games.